P1015 Thermostatic Deck Mount Faucet with Fixed Arched Spout

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The Thermostatic Deck Mount Faucet is a timeless classic that will add extra charm to any bathroom.  This faucet is tested to remain within 1 degree Fahrenheit of your desired setting throughout its operation with an automatic temperature stop at 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  Available in a variety of finishes to suit your own personal taste.


  • Thermostatic Faucet Body w/ Handles
  • Deck Mount Couplers, pair
  • Nipple Hook Up Kit
  • Handheld Shower w/ Hose & Washers
  • Handheld Bracket

Product Details

  • MA Approved
  • Built-in Anti-Syphon
  • Spout Extension: 8"

  • Body C to C: 7"
  • Total Height: 13"
  • Spout Clearance: 10"
  • Base Diameter: 2 1/8"

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