How to Make Your Bathroom Fit for Royalty

How to Make Your Bathroom Fit for Royalty

Let’s face it: whether you were the master chef of your weekly cooking classes or the MVP of your local rec league, that sense of dominance just doesn’t feel the same during this time of quarantine. But you can still feel like royalty even from the comforts of your home—better yet, your bathroom. You deserve to feel honored, so here’s how you can do so.

Expose your plumbing.

You don’t have to hide your plumbing to feel like royalty. Exposed pipes have become one of the most popular bathroom trends, greatly easing the remodeling process. Exposing your plumbing, rather than concealing pipes in cabinets, begets that vintage feel within your bathroom. For more information on exposed plumbing, check out this article.

Choose from a variety of regal finishes.

Nothing says regal like a gilded finish on your faucet. From our Supercoat Brass finish to our Unlacquered Brass in Polished, Satin, or Raw forms, these brass finished accents will complete that elegant look, just like the Columbia Centerset Bathroom Faucet. And if brass is not your type, you can’t go wrong with the polished nickel finish either. 

Kick back in your legged tub.

What’s a king without a throne? The Summit comes with its own legs (in the finishes mentioned previously), reassuring you of your victory in conquering that desired bathroom look during a long, hot bath. So get your most fancy bathrobe ready and climb into your own clawfoot bathtub to achieve the ultimate royal experience.

Maybe you can’t get that weekly praise for your dishes or that MVP plaque. But with the right setup, you can still be royalty by taking these steps to transform your bathroom into a palace. Check out to find your royal niche.