3 Quick Ways to Add Some Industrial Chic to Your Bathroom

3 Quick Ways to Add Some Industrial Chic to Your Bathroom

Industrial-inspired space usually is a blend of utilitarian architecture or elements that are reminiscent of old factories and feature metal shafts, brick, and cast iron, or other materials in similar nature to create an airy, gritty, yet relaxed atmosphere. Though it can completely stand alone in style, industrial features can easily be integrated with other styles to create a unique, personalized, and creative look entirely. Whether you choose to create a completely industrial-style bathroom, or one that just has loose inspiration, the 3 quick ways below can get your revamp started.

This industrial-inspired bathroom wall has all the benefits of the cement-look, without any actual cement.

Add concrete without adding concrete.

How does one do this? Luckily, there are inexpensive and DIY ways – either with concrete removable wallpaper/wall panels, or tile, it is possible. Simply choose one or the other depending on budget (wallpaper is probably most affordable). No concrete is needed at all here, but you’ll get the gains of the concrete look, instantly.

Dark finish fixtures.

For the most part, matte-black or oil rubbed fixtures can easily suit and set an industrial tone to a space. This shower works perfectly here. Pair with muted colors in the bath for a distressed, yet refined look.

Exposed plumbing.

This one is self-explanatory. There is no need to strategically hide any plumbing behind cabinets anymore. Exposed plumbing is not only an honest and space saving way to go about, it is a subtle way to instantly give your bathroom an industrial feel. While not required, customizing the coloring and material of your other fixtures and plumbing would further bring the room together to an industrial chic look.

Pair your dark fixtures with matching exposed plumbing for a complete, industrial look.