Why You Should Turn Your Bathroom into a Wet Room

Why You Should Turn Your Bathroom into a Wet Room

First and foremost, what is a wet room? Recently, between being featured in designer hotels, to HGTV specials, wet rooms have become all the rage. The wet room is a bathroom but with its floors and walls sealed with waterproof membrane to prevent water from running through and damage. Many wet rooms are also designed with sloping floors so excess water can also easily flow to waste draining.

Showers are likely the most popular installation in a wet room, with waterproof or glass walls to separate it from the toilet and other parts of the bathroom. Finally, shaving appliances and other items meant for a dry environment are not permitted for safety purposes in a wet room. Aside from seamless aesthetics, there are many reasons why wet rooms are a good replacement for traditional bathrooms.

The shower drains to the floor and no door is necessary in this wet room - making the bathroom more spacious and seamless.

It’s space efficient.

Ideal for small bathrooms, the wet room could just be a shower instead of a full-on bathtub and shower combination. With no extra doors needed to separate dry activities, a wet room can just house the shower. By doing this, the room opens, versus getting crowded by extra doors. If you do choose a bathtub, it’s no problem either – dividers are also optional here. We love this shower.

It’s accessible.

Again, because there aren’t so many extra doors and ledges, the wet room becomes very handicap accessible, as movement becomes much easier with space more widely available.

It adds value to your property.

Because of all the waterproof and sealing adds in your wet room, your home will be better maintained by these treatments – and this is especially a great plus for a room that is usually known to get the most damages done by water. This in turn, creates incredible value when it comes to keeping your home in better shape, and significant water-related problems are avoided. Hence, if you decide to put your home on the market, your wet room makes your home extra desirable – double points if you also have another traditional bathroom as well.

It’s easy to clean and keep clean.

A top reason why people love wet rooms, is how easy it is to clean. Without having to worry about cleaning solutions touching and damaging non-waterproof areas, you can pretty much use the same solution throughout the room without much worry – and disinfecting can be just a one step process. Most wet rooms also have an open design, so mildew and mold doesn’t have too many dark corners to creep in and hide under, and general cleaning can be low maintenance.

If you ever decide to put your home on the market, your Wet Room makes your home extra desirable.